9J6A8171 (Medium)Throughout my career, I’ve earned my success by developing strategies and executing them at a very high level to drive revenue, growth, efficiency, quality and ultimately value to my company and my clients. Bridging business needs with technology to develop solutions is what I do best; with over 17 years of strategic leadership experience with software and technology companies serving Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare and IT Services industries. Experience includes Executive Management, Enterprise Sales (B2B), Product Development and strategy, Operations and Consulting Services and Customer Service Management.

Additionally, my work has taken me around the globe. I’ve spent time and worked with client companies in Australia, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Canada, Chile, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, India, South Africa, and Nigeria.

– Executive Management
– Enterprise Software Sales / Solution Sales
– Product Strategy and Management
– Operations Management
– Professional Services and Consulting
– Strategic Account Management
– Enterprise Technology Implementations
– Enterprise Content Management
– Business Process Management

Watching the Apple Watch Reviews

I own a Pebble smart watch and I really like it. When Apple announced they were making a watch, I was interested. Now that it is here I want to like it, I just can’t force myself. It seems Apple took what the simple Pebble watch did and made it harder and worse (albeit prettier). …

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Workday Pre-game

Came across an article from TheMuse.com today that really struck a cord.  The article’s premise is simple enough, and the content seems very common sense; all of it in fact are things that I’ve done and do.  So, why is it interesting to me?  The reason the article connected with me was that it challenges …

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